The Encyclopedia of Antique Carpets is a comprehensive antique carpet reference guide spanning the past 25 centuries and numerous countries around the world.

Author Levi Moheban is an internationally recognized authority on antique carpets with more than 50 years on experience in the field.

This clothbound, two-volume boxed set features over 600 entries of historic carpets, each with an accompanying photograph and information about the history, location, technique, coloration, size and more of carpets produced around the world.

Eight newly drawn maps presented in the book illustrate the major weaving locations within the Rug Belt, which includes Persia, Anatolia, the Caucasus, China, India and Central Asia. Covering several key factories for each entry, the encyclopedia is meant to guide the reader into the various factors that distinguish an antique carpet’s origin and its market value priced for its artistry.

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