Tectura Designs has expanded its selection of terrazzo tile with the new Reflections line.

Reflections features a fine micro fleck marble aggregate and a hint of crushed mirror that create a sophisticated and distinctly modern look, and blends the timeless look of terrazzo with a contemporary luminescent quality.

The line also offers unparalleled design flexibility, according to the company. The crushed mirror can be easily removed from the mix design for an even smoother solid-color look that's just as elegant. The Reflections line is available in nine beautiful standard colors, including Frost, Platinum, Mocha, Twilight, Coal and more.

"The 'micro fleck' marble aggregate and crushed mirror add a whole new modern dimension to terrazzo tile, which is usually thought of as a classic, traditional look," said Mark Rounds, terrazzo division manager at Tectura Designs. "We pride ourselves in our ability to bring our customers' unique visions to life, and the new Reflections line is a great addition to any architect¹s toolbox."

For even more flexibility, the Reflections series colors are available in all of our precast epoxy accessories, all tile bases are available in polished or honed finishes, tile bases can be special ordered in custom heights and treads are available in all finishes and field tile sizes. And an initial 3M protectant is added to the terrazzo tile during the manufacturing process, which ensures the Reflections line's beauty will last, according to Rounds.

For more information, visit tecturadesigns.com.