HomerWood Premium Hardwood has launched HomerWood University with a curriculum that focuses on “teaching retailers to sell premium products in the new economy.”

“The idea that consumers are only interested in the lowest price is a misconception and is all too prevalent in our industry today,” said Paul Walker, general manager, HomerWood. “Making this assumption and leading the sales process in this direction does a disservice to the consumer and arbitrarily limits their choice. The decision to choose a hardwood floor for their home is an emotional one for a consumer, and from the outset they have a vision and want a retail experience that keeps this vision in the forefront of the process. It is about value and not price and it is important to recognize and embrace this.”

HomerWood University is facilitated by John Neugent, a long time industry professional and student of successful selling at retail. Neugent is also a HomerWood regional manager and company educator.

 “HomerWood University is for both skeptics and believers,” he said. “The skeptics discover there is a growing market for premium products. The believers discover effective ways to promote premium products. Both groups come to the same conclusion; selling premium products is more fun than anything else in our industry.”

For information, visit homerwood.com.