Metroflor has streamlined and rebranded its portfolio of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) brands under the umbrella tagline “The LVT Specialists.”

According to the company, the strategy narrows the focus to five core brands, creating synergy between them: Metroflor LVT, Konecto, Engage, the new Engage Genesis and Artistek. Together the brands provide a comprehensive portfolio of LVT products that can accommodate the needs of virtually every flooring environment at all price points.

Previously, Metroflor’s collection of brands was presented as standalone, unique and separate. Now they are integral to each other in telling a good-better-best story, guiding the consumer to the right product for their application within their unique budget requirements.

 “The brands work together to provide the largest single assortment of LVT from the company that created the hottest category of product driving growth in the flooring industry today,” said Russ Rogg, Metroflor’s president and CEO.

Dryback LVT products are the primary platform for the Metroflor LVT and Artistek brands. In the floating/click category’s good-better-best continuum, Konecto is good, Engage is better and the Engage Genesis Brand is best. There are synergies throughout the entire product portfolio depending upon application and budget.

Metroflor’s online strategy for positioning their brands has changed as well. Previously, the various collections/brands were presented on separate, unlinked websites. Now, one Metroflor corporate banner guides visitors through the entire portfolio to offer the right solution for every environment.

Logos for Metroflor, Metroflor LVT, Konecto and Engage Genesis have also been refreshed, redesigned and modernized to be more current with today’s brand conscious consumers.

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