The Bosch RH328VC-36 Bulldog 36V 1-1/8-inch SDS-plus Rotary Hammer provides maximum productivity with 2.4 ft/lbs of impact energy for fast, consistent drilling and chiseling in concrete, according to the company.

The hammer's KickBack Control is a sensor-based technology that shuts the tool off should the bit get into a bind situation. 

The tool also offers Electronic Precision Control (EPC), which provides users precise drilling thanks to the advantage of 70% power soft-start, according to the company. That means virtually no walking and no skating when it's time to drill holes in precise locations. EPC also helps in controlled chiseling/demolition where only a portion of the concrete or brick needs to be removed. The hammer’s multi-function selector includes three operation modes: rotary hammer, rotation only and hammer only.

The rotary hammer’s powerful four-pole motor is lightweight and compact for a cordless hammer, but is optimized for large-tool performance. Thanks to vibration dampening and dust sealing, the motor is designed for maximum performance. 

The Bosch RH328VC-36 Bulldog Rotary Hammer includes a variable-speed trigger with reversing, which means accurate bit starting as well as another option for removing fasteners or bound bits. Vario-Lock Positioning allows the user to rotate and lock a chisel into 40 different positions. An LED light is included for drilling in reduced-light environments.

Typical applications include drilling in concrete for setting anchors for the commercial mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades, drilling in concrete for setting forms/rebar doweling for concrete construction, drilling/chiseling in brick/masonry materials and through-hole drilling in foundation walls for running small-diameter pipe for electrical/plumbing.

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