According to trade group The Yellow Page Association, the Yellow Pages' "Carpet and Rug Dealers" heading typically posts its highest usage levels in February on the back of the Surfaces show. Additionally, the heading nets more than 43 million references annually, according to the group.

D. Christopher Davis, president and CEO of the World Floor Covering Association, said advertising vehicles like the Yellow Pages are a common way for consumers to search for flooring dealers. “Our research shows that 90 percent of residential carpet replacement consumers are female,” Davis said. “They are well educated and have done their research - as every consumer should." They typically "use the Yellow Pages to find their options and then get referrals from the Better Business Bureau, the World Floor Covering Association, or friends to find the best,” he said.

After referencing the heading, 90 percent of users make a purchase based on a listing seen in the Yellow Pages, according to the Yellow Pages Association. Predominately, the consumers are new to the store, which is typically a locally owned carpet dealer.

Davis said these results are not surprising. “Seventy percent of carpet sold at retail is from a ‘mom and pop’ shop,” he noted. “No large chains have been able to overcome local dealers because every installation is a custom job, which larger retailers are unable to do.”