MacDonald Hardwoods has announced the publication of its Hardwood Flooring Customer Preference Survey.

This marks the second year in a row MacDonald Hardwoods has published customer and designer preferences, providing a significant amount of insight into shifting trends that help to shape the industry.

The survey included 205 interior designers from across the country and yielded some surprising answers, according to the company. For example, 155 of the 205 surveyed designers chose wide planking for flooring as their top preference. 117 preferred modern design, while 111 chose darker colored flooring.

One interesting trend is that engineered wood is the most popular option when a change of flooring is part of the design, with 48% of respondents choosing this option. 44% of designers chose solid wood flooring and only 4% opted for laminate, or “other”. This year, 39% of designers would most often recommend solid hardwood floors for homes with pets, which is actually down from 76% in 2015.

Another interesting shift is the role that social media is playing in the realm of home design. According to survey results, 46% of designers reported that clients had supplied inspiration found on social sites like Pinterest. Many other trends are explored, including those that design industry experts predict will take off as the year goes on and how they will shape things to come.

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