Elemental Hardwoods has expanded its exotic hardwood flooring line with the addition of Black Mesquite, a hard to source wood species known for its extreme stability, durability, distinctive character and chocolate and gray brown grain patterns. Sourced sustainably from the high desert Chaco region of Northern Argentina and Paraguay, Black Mesquite has become a favorite for homes and offices looking to add a warm, rustic flavor to their flooring applications.

“We specialize in turning flooring into works of art that are likely to become the main attraction of any home or office,” John McGlocklin, Elemental Hardwood’s owner and founder. “This includes the supply of some of the most interesting, beautiful, durable and dense species on the planet. Algarrobo, or Black Mesquite as it is commonly known, is just the latest entry into the Elemental product line, which includes a unique collection of exotic hardwoods not found anywhere else in today’s flooring marketplace. True non-repetitive, real-wood showpieces that offer a spectacular departure from the traditional woods used on most floors.”

Dense, with a silky texture, wild grain and character, Black Mesquite possesses a range of lustrous brown and gray-brown colors that will darken some with age. Its extreme stability, rivaling the most stable woods on the planet, makes it not only highly workable, but also a top choice for glue or nail down applications, especially in difficult environments.

Elemental Hardwood’s Black Mesquite flooring is currently available in unfinished square edge TG4S in ½” and ¾” thicknesses, widths that span from 3” to 8” and 1’ to 7’ lengths. For more information, visit www.elementalhardwoods.com.