Mr. David’s Flooring International has announced plans to expand by opening an Indianapolis office.

According to the company, this new location will provide the same integrity, craftsmanship and sustainability as every other location. It will also provide expert employees containing knowledge in every type of floor along with services ranging from estimating and inspection to logistics and warehousing.

“Mr. David’s has already completed work in both Indiana and Indianapolis, but are always looking for ways to help our clients," said Leonard Zmijewski, Mr. David’s CEO. "This new location will provide a local facility that can offer complete support for current and future clients in the region. With full capabilities, from estimating and logistics to specialized flooring departments and warehousing, Mr. David’s Indianapolis will provide the same high quality as all the other locations.”

The Indianapolis office will be located at 5801 W. 82nd Street STE 101, Indianapolis, Ind. 46278.

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