Mohawk Industries' seventh annual Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report is now available.

Entitled Growth Done Well, the report highlights the company's key sustainability achievements in 2015:

Exceeded the 2020 reduction goal for waste to landfill intensity

Reached 95% of its 2020 water intensity reduction goal

Recycled operational waste and purchased recycled material resulted in diversion of more than 7.4 billion pounds of material from landfills

Expanded “Zero Manufacturing Waste to Landfill” program to a total of 44 sites

Introduced Impressions utility floor-mat collection utilizing molded crumb rubber from recycled tires and a 100% recycled PET fabric top; the product category can use up to 10 million pounds of recycled tires each year 

Incorporated more than 44 million pounds of recycled PVC material into Moduleo Design Floors luxury vinyl tile (LVT) collections

Awarded the Manufacturing Visionary Award from the International Living Future Institute for the company’s work with Declare and elimination of Red List chemicals

Employed 16% more individuals than in 2014

Delivered an historically low global safety recordable incident rate of 1.75, a 60% reduction from seven years ago

Achieved highest placement by a manufacturing company in the annual Training Top 125 ranking of top training and development companies

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