Tarkett, a company in innovative and sustainable flooring and sports surface solutions, has released its 2019 Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility (CSR) report, now known as the declaration of extra-financial performance (DPEF). Fully audited by an independent third-party organization, KPMG, this report showcases the company’s circular economy commitment, demonstrating how Tarkett has not only reduced its environmental footprint, but also contributed positively to global societal challenges. Download the 2019 CSR Report.

“In 2019, we launched our new strategic plan ‘Change to Win’, positioning circular economy at the heart of our strategy” explained Fabrice Barthélemy, CEO of Tarkett. “At Tarkett, we are convinced we have a role to play in changing the game in our industry with circular economy – a virtuous model to address resource scarcity and the climate emergency. I am particularly proud of the breakthrough we achieved last year by fully closing the loop on the life cycle of commercial carpet tiles in Europe with our partner Aquafil.

Circular economy is a key challenge for us and the entire building industry, notably in the development of eco-designed products and circular services. I am convinced that getting all stakeholders involved will contribute to accelerating the transition to a circular economy. The current COVID-19 crisis is a painful wake-up call on the need for a more inclusive economy, more respectful of natural resources, climate and bio-diversity.”

Jeff Fenwick, president of Tarkett North America, added, “In North America, we’ve successfully transferred all Ohio production facilities to operating on 100% renewable electricity, and our carpet yarn and dye plant in Dalton, GA (Smith Road) has reduced water usage by 86% in absolute value between 2016 and 2019. While we’re incredibly proud of these accomplishments, we also know that this work will never be complete. New innovations will continue to allow new progress. We’re committed to providing ongoing, measurable results to ensure we’re positively impacting the health of people and the planet, now and for future generations.”

For more details, visit tarkett.com.