The Royale Oak Collection by Hardwoods of Wisconsin is solid engineered hardwood floor with a wire brushed face and micro beveled sides.

 This product is made with a ¾-inch three ply construction making it stable and durable. Five-mm sawn European Oak is used for the face and back with a  solid wood core.  According to the company, this product can be installed floated, nailed, or glued down. With long lengths, the Royale Oak Collection brings beauty into any home.

The Royal Oak Collection is available in three colors, natural, carbonized and fumed and since there is more tannin in European Oak, the natural color offers a deeper tone.  In order to create the other two colors, the product is heated using special processes. For carbonized, the heat in the kiln is turned up to a degree that will heat the sugar in the wood and produce rich warm brown coloration and for fumed, ammonia gases are added that produce rich dark tones.

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