The Independent Association of Surface Care Professionals (IASCP) was launched recently through the vision of 11 founding members, who collectively represent 26 locations and approximately two-thirds of the total revenue of the MilliCare Carpet and Textile Care franchise network.

The association is aimed at improving industry collaboration and enhancing business support services for the entire MilliCare franchise network.

“Each of us has made significant investments in our businesses as MilliCare franchisees,” said IASCP's treasurer, Tom Moore, whose company, Ecologic, has served the Boston and Providence markets for 18 years. “It is critically important that we protect and maximize that investment. We saw the need for a collaborative organization that will drive and articulate a strategic vision and advocate for the needs, interests and goals of MilliCare franchisees.”

Other IASCP officers include: president Rick Gulick, owner of The Floor Care Co., serving Denver and the Colorado market for 19 years and IASCP's clerk, Chad Stout, who owns Facility Services, in business for 15 years serving Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas markets. Other founding members include MilliCare franchise owners Thomas Holland, Corporate Floors; Mike Crippen, CFS; Troy Bucy, Pacific Modular; Tom Haslach, Trilogy; James Hermey, J Herbro Corp.; Brandon Tenney, Blue Cloud Care and Michael Galliani, Floor Innovations.

“The purpose of the association is to provide strategic leadership and a cooperative structure for working together on issues that impact all of us,” noted Rick Gulick. “Now with IASCP, MilliCare franchisees will be able to collaborate with industry peers on everything from legal issues to pursuing greater financial opportunities such as group purchasing cooperatives. As importantly, we will have a voice to represent the interests of members through a strong advocacy presence and the framework to share resources and information that help all of us further compete in our markets.”

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