Most people are unaware that electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a significant concern in many of the industries their modern lives depend on. Even a relatively minor electrostatic discharge can cause significant damage to electronic equipment, resulting in costly repairs, lost productivity, and safety hazards. This is where ESD flooring comes in.

At their core, ESD floors are designed to prevent static buildup and control its discharge to ground. Constructed of materials that allow static electricity to safely flow through them, ESD floors are essential wherever electronic components are manufactured, stored, or repaired.

Conductive vs. Static Dissipative

When choosing an ESD floor, the most important factors to consider are the risk of electrostatic discharge and the potential cost of the damage.

In high-risk environments where an electrostatic discharge could be catastrophic, conductive tile is the best choice and most specified in the project specifications. Conductive tile has the least resistance, and it has the best static decay ratio—eliminating unwanted static charges. To make it simple, for all areas with chip manufacturing, wafer fabs, semiconductors, assembly, testing, packaging, pharmaceuticals, any production area, or where raw product can be exposed to ESD events, conductive tile should be used. Conductive tile should also be used in any explosive arenas.

On the other hand, Static Dissipative tile can be used in computer rooms, classrooms, training areas, offices, sever rooms, switching stations, and low-tech areas where high-tech components are not exposed to static electricity.

The Flexco Edge

With ESD Static Dissipative Rubber Tile and Delane® ESD Conductive and Static Dissipative Solid Vinyl Tile, Flexco has the ESD flooring solution to suit any industry or budget.

Flexco ESD Static Dissipative Rubber Tile offers static protection for the majority of applications with the environmental benefit of LEED credits. Delane ESD Conductive and Static Dissipative Solid Vinyl Tile comes with a Lifetime Electrical Resistance Warranty and has excellent performance to heavy rolling loads up to 2,500 PSI. Its Conductive option offers protection to the most sensitive applications and facilities. American made for over 65 years, all Flexco floors are easy to install, low-maintenance, and customizable to any space.

Regardless of your risk level, no one wants to be on the hook for a costly repair or replacement of specialized machinery. Order your sample of Flexco ESD Rubber or Delane ESD Vinyl Tile today, before a surprise ESD stops your business in its tracks.