Americhem, producer of color and additive solutions for polymeric products, has released its 2017–2018 Color Trends comprised of six inspirational color palettes.

The palettes, Holiday, Sabbatical, Cultural Fusion, Cityscape, Rainforest, and Coastal Haven, are influenced by travel and the discovery of new places, according to the company.

These color families were revealed at Americhem’s annual color trends forecast presented in Dalton, as part of Americhem U, an ongoing educational series for professionals in the synthetic fibers and plastics industries. This is the company’s eighth annual color trends forecast.

“We are proud to present these upcoming trends to the industry which has come to see the color families as a trusted resource,” said Scott Blanchard, corporate marketing and communications manager. “Our partnerships and research have allowed us the opportunity to reach out to our valued partners and introduce them to the 2017-2018 color palettes.”

Developed by a committee of color trend specialists, these colors are projected to be popular in the coming years based on global influences, pop culture, design trends, technology and fashion-forward color predictions. In conjunction with a fashion design house in Milan, Italy, the groups of colors, in addition to textures, finishes and effects, are translated into seasonal design concepts, moods and lifestyles, each with a unique story to convey the emotions and context of the colors.

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