Armstrong Flooring will add Parallel 20 and Parallel 12 luxury vinyl tile (LVT) to its Continuum Solutions product portfolio in early 2017.

Parallel 20, with a 20 mil wear layer and Parallel 12, with a 12 mil wear layer, are uniquely designed to accommodate multiple budgets and performance needs.

Parallel 20/12, with the same natural beauty and modular flexibility of Armstrong's Natural Creations, provides a cost-effective LVT option. Featuring a variety of neutrals with the realism of wood, stone and contemporary textural on-trend visuals, Parallel 20/12 is the perfect choice for specialty retail, office and multi-family spaces, according to the company.

Connecting spaces is also easier with matching designs that help transition adjoining flooring options. The multi-purpose and stair noise trim are designed to coordinate with Parallel 20/12 giving a smooth transition from LVT to another type of flooring at differing height and covers the expansion space on stair edges with a finished trim.

Parallel 20 can be specified for areas subject to high foot traffic and heavy rolling loads, while Parallel 12 can be specified for light commercial performance in areas with less foot traffic and lighter rolling loads. According to the company, the high-performance coating resists scratches, stains and damages from alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Additionally, the ergonomic value offers minimal resistance to moving objects, making it easy to push, pull and roll heavy equipment and furniture.

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