Each year, Brintons partners with leading interior design firms to design–and redesign–some of the country’s top hotels.

As a designer and manufacturer of woven axminster carpet, Brintons helps to not only bring hospitality designs to life through pattern, color and texture, but also maximize functionality by creating high-performance floorcoverings to meet the demands of a hotel’s heaviest traffic areas.

The recently renovated Boston Park Plaza, San Francisco's Westin St. Francis and Loews Minneapolis Hotel are just a few projects that exemplify how carpet selection impacts hospitality design.

The Boston Park Plaza, reimagined by Parker Torres Design, features custom-designed Brintons carpet in a restricted color palette of smoky blue-grays and shades of ivory. The lattice-like geometrics and layered graphics of the carpet complement the mirrored walls, chrome accents and contemporary lighting. The 22,000 square yards of striking designs can be found in the lobby, ballrooms, guest corridors, dining and pre-function areas.

“With Brintons, not only is the final product outstanding in quality and design, but the custom design process is truly an extraordinary, collaborative experience. The Boston Park Plaza was an exciting project where a historic hotel, built in the 1920s, met 21st century design,” said Ellen Bourque Johnson, of Parker Torres Design. “This magnificent carpet design is truly an illustration of the beautiful outcome achieved as a result of a fun and productive collaboration.”

The challenge with renovating properties with rich historical narratives like the Westin St. Francis, debuting in the early 1900s, is ensuring the contemporary audience isn’t alienated by the romance of the existing architecture and design. Heather O’Sullivan, principal at Whitespace Interiors, uses Brintons carpets as the unifying landscape to tie the elements of the times together.

“Edwardian and Art Deco-era patterns and motifs found within the architecture of the spaces helped establish the spirit of the new design but we were cautious not to rely too heavily on literal translations,” said O’Sullivan.

The Westin St Francis offers contemporary meeting spaces fit with new custom lighting that contrasts against original elements of the historic ballrooms. The ballroom carpets of the Westin St. Francis walk the line between restoration and revitalization with neoclassical elements in elegant gold and navy blended striations. Ornate gold-leafed ceiling elements restored from the existing hotel, balance the contemporary public space carpet designs, while color palette and the use of repeating geometrics create unity throughout the Westin St. Francis.

Simeone Deary Design Group infuses the story of a city known for its abundant watery landscape and historical prominence milling flour into the recently renovated Loews Minneapolis. Color palettes, textures and surfaces reflect abstracted movements of light and water and call back to the city’s roots in industry.

Keeping in line with the current hospitality trend of sourcing local culture, the suites at Loews Minneapolis celebrate the city’s iconic musicians. Brintons supplied custom axminster carpet for the 2,000 square foot Bob Dylan suite in a harmonious color palette reminiscent of the abundant Minneapolis waterways. Through color and soft texture, the suite, including artistic portraits of the musician, offers a tranquil respite from the Minneapolis buzz.

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