Zeftron nylon, a premium nylon 6 fiber brand for the commercial marketplace, is introducing a website dedicated to supporting its mill partners and their sales representatives.

Intuitive and easy to navigate, the site provides a wealth of information and tools to assist sales representatives in their day-to-day activities with designers and specifiers. The site is organized by three simple categories: product information, sales tools and customized support. Visitors can use several inspirational and educational videos, download collateral materials or order presentation items such as Zeftron pom sets or color knot cards. Partners can also request customized support for their efforts if needed.

“Zeftron can be a powerful tool to help sales representatives better promote their carpets made with our nylon,” said Tim Blount, Zeftron nylon business leader. “This new site provides everything they need to bring Zeftron into the conversation when talking with designers and specifiers. By effectively promoting the benefits of Zeftron, we’re giving our mill partners an added advantage to their selling efforts. It’s another example of our commitment to delivering more to our mill partners and the specifying community.”

Videos at the site range from a brief overview of Zeftron’s history and its benefits to how designers can create custom carpets using Zeftron nylon’s exceptional color and styling attributes. The downloadable collateral materials, many of which can be used during sales calls or presentations, include one-page project case studies; Zeftron’s color palette; a maintenance guideline flyer; a technical data sheet and promotional documents for Zeftron’s various color collections.

The tools are designed to assist with activities such as: product presentations; networking events; answering LEED questions; providing warranty details; sharing maintenance tips and showing where and how carpet made with Zeftron offers the best in style, performance and recyclability.

For more information, visit zeftronnylon/services/millpartners.