Boa-Franc, manufacturer of the Mirage hardwood flooring brand, is among the Best Employers in Canada for 2017, according to a survey by Aon in Canada.

According to the company, Boa-Franc owes its Gold Level ranking in large part to its efforts with respect to engagement, leadership, performance, culture and employer brand.

“Working for a company named Best Employer by its workforce for the second year in a row is extremely motivating and gratifying for our 330 employees,” said Boa-Franc's president, Pierre Thabet. “I’m so proud of the entire Boa-Franc team—a passionate, talented team with the spirit that drives us every day to excel.”

From a human resources perspective, the benefits of this distinction are many.

“For the second consecutive year, employees of all levels at Boa-Franc have expressed their appreciation of the company,” said Nicolas Jean, human resources manager at Boa-Franc. “We are delighted with the results, which also point out areas we should focus [on] to become even better. It’s right in line with the continuous improvement culture that’s been a part of Boa-Franc’s DNA for over 30 years.”

The Saint-Georges company behind the Mirage brand, which is distributed in both Canada and the U.S. has earned 30 distinctions for quality and organizational excellence, including 1st Best Employer in Quebec in 2005, 4th Best Employer in Canada in 2007 and Best Employer in Canada, Gold Level in 2016.

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