Fishman Flooring's Bill Mabeus has been promoted to the newly-created position of executive vice president.

Mabeus, who first joined Fishman in 1982, was previously vice president of sales for the company. He is a member of the company’s board.

“The creation of this new position and the promotion of Bill Mabeus to fill the role underscore two very important points about our company,” said Bob Wagner, president and CEO of Fishman. “First, Fishman has grown significantly since it became 100% employee owned in May 2012 and a new structure is now required to efficiently and effectively manage our expanding business. Second, Bill’s promotion reflects the pivotal role he has played and will continue to play, in the growth and success of our firm.”

In his new position, Mabeus will be responsible for managing Fishman’s six operating regions and will be more active in strategic planning and employee development and training. He will continue overseeing the company’s sales force, selecting new vendor partners and integrating products into the company’s existing product line.

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