Adore Floors has launched Regent Solid Rigid Core, a new flooring category that elevates today's standard in high performance resilient flooring, according to the company. Constructed on a single, homogenous layer, Regent's Solid Rigid Core unites unprecedented strength, dimensional stability and damage resistance to create an outstanding solution for commercial and residential space.
According to the company, Regent's Solid Rigid Core combines the highest virgin polymer content with beautiful visuals, under heat and pressure, to form solid planks. This adhesive-free manufacturing method results in product density that is over 50% greater than traditional composites, as well as peel and delamination resistance, waterproofing and rigidity, according to the company.
"The greater density of Regent Solid Rigid Core equates to better dimensional stability, impact resistance, indentation resistance and resistance to damage," stated Kelly Mortensen, ASTM board member and technical director for Adore Floors. "With little expansion and shrinkage, Regent Solid Rigid Core offers foolproof installation. The product can be installed over existing floors and also in rooms with direct sunlight.
"Regent's rigidity lends well to the process of installation with a much stronger and secure locking system. It installs much faster than other comparable products and with smoother and flatter results that do not telegraph minor sub-floor imperfections." 
Regent Solid Rigid Core is lifeproof, designed to resist the indentations caused by drops and static loads; waterproof, for life's natural and man-made mishaps and enhanced with Duramond surface hardening technology, to protect against everyday scratches and scuffs caused by everything from pets to high heels.
It is currently offered to distributors in ten contemporary plank visuals and in two product builds:  Monarch 12 mil, for the home and light commercial use and Sovereign 22 mil for commercial applications. Both come with coordinating trim and molding, are 100% recyclable and 100% orthophthalate free.   
Regent Monarch 3.4 mm gauge, 6- x 48-inch floating planks have a superior 2G angle/angle locking system. The durable 0.3 mm/12 mil wear layer is enhanced with Duramond surface hardening technology for stronger scratch and scuff resistance, and an IXPE pad option is available through special order. 
Regent Sovereign 6mm gauge, 7- x 48-inch planks have a 4 mm core with a commercial suitable 0.55 mm/22 mil wear layer and attached 1.5 mm IXPE pad  for greater comfort underfoot and added sound absorption. It is enhanced with four-sided micro-bevelling for visual enhancement through light refraction and it is engineered with a state-of-the-art angle/drop locking system for fool proof and faster installation.

Both products carry a 15 year commercial warranty, lifetime residential and lifetime waterproof warranty.
Regent Solid Rigid Core is currently available to distributors globally with coordinating displays and marketing tools available to coincide with the product launch.  

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