Metroflor Corporation has taken a new approach to installation instructional videos by producing and publishing animated versions of these instructional videos. The new videos focus on installing rigid core floating floors with DropLock 100, specifically Inception Waterproof SPC floors and Genesis Waterproof WPC floors. Metroflor’s Attraxion installation video has also been produced using animation to show the installation for Attraxion floors using the magnetic installation technology. This is a new approach that differs from previously produced live action videos.

“The animated videos allow you to get much closer to the installation of the floor to show how the floor goes together and allows you to provide better exposure to certain aspects of the installation that are difficult to show when shooting around a person,” said Metroflor Vice President of Marketing Gary Keeble. “It allows a different perspective that makes certain parts much easier to follow.”

Spanish language versions are also available.

“A large segment of the installer community is ESL (English second language) and we wanted to make sure that we provide a Spanish language version for this audience. It’s critical that anyone installing our floors has a complete understanding of what’s required to ensure a successful installation that meets performance expectations, whether it’s a homeowner or a commercial end user," Keeble added. 

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