Motawi Tileworks will be suspending its regular free public tours until Thursday January 19, 2017 due to construction in the production area. The Tileworks has purchased a new gas kiln and dryer and in order for the removal of old equipment and the installation of new equipment, tile production (the main attraction for public tours) will be shut down until Monday January 16, 2017.

The kiln, a custom-designed gas-firing kiln made by the Blaauw company, has the potential of doubling Motawi's current firing capacity, which is a fleet of twelve electric kilns. The gas kiln will produce more consistent firing results and will be more cost effective to both maintain and operate. Motawi Tileworks Founder and Owner, Nawal Motawi says the new kiln is something she's been researching for a long time: "I've spent five years deciding and specifying this kiln. I wanted to make sure it was going to be right for us. Between this kiln and our recent technical advancements, it's a game changer."

The studio gallery shop, including the popular Boneyard will remain open during the production shut-down. Design services will also be available.

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