The Benelux Federation of Natural Stone Wholesalers (FEBENAT) and the Belgian Fabricators & Stone Masons Federation have announced their support for the MIA+BSI-led natural stone promotional campaign. The groups will be leading an effort to have all stories currently posted on, as well as social media posts, translated into French and Dutch and shared online with consumers and designers.

“By utilizing the resources of MIA+BSI and the natural stone promotional campaign, we will be able to expand the promotion of natural stone in Europe,” commented FEBENAT president Herwig Callewier. “We are also happy to share content we have developed to share with the North American market.”

“We are grateful for the involvement of our international partners,” added MIA+BSI CEO Jim Hieb. “With their support, we can broaden our reach and accomplish our goal of showing consumers, architects and designers why they should choose natural stone.”

This collaboration is a growing trend, as several other stone associations are discussing partnering with MIA+BSI to help in the promotion of natural stone. Brazil’s Centrorochas (The Center for Exporting Industries of Dimension Stones) has been working with MIA+BSI since the campaign’s beginning.

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