Festool USA and Festool Canada recently announced a line of hand-sanding products for a broad range of applications. Available in sheets, blocks, sponges, rolls, and pads, the new line was developed in accordance with the principles of machine abrasives with enormous material removal capacity and a long service life. Festool’s new Hand Sanding line will be available in March.

“Our new hand sanding line uses Festool’s GRANAT and VLIES abrasives to achieve desired results quickly and efficiently—even for hand sanding,” said Leo Zirkler, vice president of marketing.

The new line features: longer service life and a high material removal rate due to special fused aluminum oxide; synthetic resin for entirely bonded grits; simple cleaning for multiple uses; flexible, extra-soft foam backing or high-quality latex paper backing; no grooves or scratches in the surface; foam that distributes pressure that creates uniform surface quality; and a no crinkle formation providing optimum surface protection.

For more information, visit www.festoolusa.com or www.festoolcanada.com.