Invista will introduce two Stainmaster brand innovations this year: Stainmaster PetProtect luxury vinyl flooring and Stainmaster LiveWell carpet system.

Launching in early 2017, Stainmaster PetProtect luxury vinyl flooring complements Stainmaster PetProtect carpet. Made for families with pets, it’s designed to resist scratches from pet claws and odors caused from liquid accidents. Stainmaster LiveWell carpet with AllerShield technology will also launch in 2017. It was developed to help allergy-suffering customers improve their comfort at home. Research shows that 50 million Americans suffer from airborne-related allergies. This carpet system is designed to reduce dust and allergy-aggravating particles from bonding to the fiber.

“The Stainmaster brand is committed to insight-backed innovations in the marketplace,” said Richard Mingorance, vice president of marketing for surfaces, Invista. “Through in-depth consumer research, we gain insight into understanding what the consumer wants in flooring and can deliver on those wants by offering solutions (solutions they might not realize they need yet) to meet their demands.”

To help dealers offset the cost of carpet sample set and display purchases in 2017, Invista has also launched the Stainmaster carpet Sample-Sell-Save Dealer Rebate Event. It pays a rebate to dealers for their sales made from purchased Stainmaster carpet sample sets and dedicated displays, potentially allowing dealers to get back up to 100% of their investment.

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