The European Patent Office (EPO) recently ruled in favor of Innovations4Flooring (I4F) in its case against the Unilin group.

“The EPO’s decision is yet further reinforcement of our patent’s strength and its added value for our licensees,” said John Rietveldt, CEO.

“The fact that this particular I4F patent was confirmed by the EPO has absolutely nothing to do with the question whether a product, even if made according to this I4F patent, infringes third party patents,” said Bart Van der Stockt, Unilin. “This decision, if confirmed in appeal, only means that if European companies manufacture the very specific I4F locking embodiment as described in the patent, they will fall under the scope of this I4F patent. Whether or not this specific locking embodiment also infringes other patents, is a completely different question.”

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