Unilin Technologies, the IP division of Mohawk Industries, announced it received the written decision from the Opposition Division of European Patent Office that confirms the validity of its patent covering for Unicoat technology.

The company said the decision confirms that this patent EP 3 294 969 is not limited to the specific Unicoat technology, but also covers other waterproof coatings that protect the edges of HDF-based floors from water damage. Similar patent protection of the different types of edge coating exists in USA and other countries. 

"The decision does not only reinforce the protection on this unique Unicoat solution, it also strongly supports our position that other different waterproof coatings for HDF-based floors in the market today are covered under our patent coverage," said Floris Koopmans, sales director, Unilin Technologies. "We are in the process of finalizing agreements with many big industry players that want to use the Unicoat technology, so we are looking forward to a broad adoption of yet another Unilin technology in our flooring industry.“

In January of this year, Unilin Technologies entered into a partnership agreement with the industry renowned machine supplier Schiele Machinebau GmbH for the further roll-out of the Unicoat technology.