Brintons recently announced the launch of nine Axminster patterns this spring in a new collection, Terra-Grit. The in-house designed collection uses Brintons’ high definition weave technology to create depth and texture. Each Terra-Grit pattern is massive, with the largest reaching a 48-foot repeat. Good for hospitality, Terra-Grit’s large patterns can fill public areas like grand ballrooms and convention spaces. The designs can also have sections cut out for smaller, pre-function areas, offering a different, yet cohesive feel for guests.

“When designing on this scale, you have to consider how a pattern may fall flat and lose visual interest,” said Nadia Burton, vice president of design. “These stale areas could be fatal to a successful, compelling design. They can also pose a soiling problem. We constantly have this in the back of our minds and work in different textures and design elements at various scales to combat stagnant compositions.”

The overall theme of the collection is rooted in the need for authenticity in design: using real hand-made textures and brush stokes, celebrating a design’s humble beginnings. The team uses an assortment of random materials and basic artists’ pigments to create unusual and original textures for Brintons’ carpet designs.

Beginning April 5, Terra-Grit will be available and can be fully customized to fit individual projects. A preview of the collection will be available at Boutique Design West on April 5-6, 2017, booth #1047, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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