Accella Polyurethane Systems has expanded its Tru-Motion Play Series products to include an expanded line of Aromatic binders for Pour-in-Place safety surfaces. These products have been developed to cover the wide range of climate conditions encountered in the U.S., according to the company. The new line replaces the previous product range and consists of four products that provide the optimal cure speed and working time in a broader spectrum of installation conditions.

“This approach will help our customers to select the best solution for the one thing that no one can predict, the weather,” said Robert Cunningham, vice president of research and development. “We are excited to offer this new and improved line to meet the industry demand for more versatile Aromatic safety surface binders.”

Tru-Motion H3712 HH is the slowest reacting Aromatic binder in the Play Series, designed for installation at high temperatures and humidity. H3712 HT is a slightly faster reacting version, for moderate high temperatures and humidity. H3712 MT is the most universal system in the series, designed for installation under most normal conditions in the continental U.S. H3712 DC is the fastest reacting Aromatic binder in the series, meant for installation at lower temperatures and humidity.

“This new line of Aromatic binders is a welcome addition to our Tru-Motion brand as it reduces our customers’ risk in managing the variable conditions of weather and time, improving installer experience with a more durable surface for the customer,” said Al Restaino, vice president of marketing. “It is important that our customers have options that can be used in their specific installation climates and this extended line will cover the widest possible range of conditions.”

The Tru-Motion Play Series are all 100% solids, TDI-free, moisture-cure polyurethane binders for use in the construction of bonded rubber granule type safety and play surfaces. The line comes with an installation guide that advises installers what product would be best for their conditions based on temperature, humidity, and cure speed.

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