Ecore has added Galaxy rx to its Tru Collection.

The first Ecore product designed specifically for sterile applications, Galaxy rx addresses three of the most common concerns related to healthcare environments—sound, ergonomics and safety.

“Healthcare environments today are challenged to improve patient outcomes in a measureable way,” said Mark Huxta, Ecore's director of sales, healthcare. “Reducing critical issues such as injuries from patient falls and extended recoveries from restless nights is essential to accomplishing that goal. Traditional healthcare flooring options cannot address these costly problems—but our Tru Collection of products is designed specifically to provide these benefits, and more.”

The newest addition to Ecore’s Tru Collection of quality performance surface products, Galaxy rx features an innovative 2mm vulcanized surface fusion bonded to a 5mm recycled rubber backing. This surface significantly reduces structure-borne sound, giving patients the quiet they need to recover. The overall comfort that two layers of rubber provide also improves ergonomics for patients, residents and staff and lessens the severity of patient or resident injuries after falls, mitigating liability for healthcare facilities. Galaxy rx is available in 12 earth tone colors.

“Galaxy rx rounds out Ecore's surface offerings for healthcare environments,” said Arthur Dodge III, president and CEO of the company. “With this product, we now have the ability to offer floors for sterile applications, giving Ecore the ability to provide surfacing for virtually every area of a hospital, rehab or healthcare facility.”

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