Beaulieu International Group’s (BU) Engineered Products business unit announced its safety results for Fibres International division production sites for International Safety Day 2017. The Fibres division has no recorded accidents at its Terni, Italy site in the last two years or during the last 20 months at its Belgian sites.

Initiatives in progress actively involve employees in workshops, training events, and coaching sessions on safety rules and instructions. Also, an awareness-raising poster campaign draws daily attention to the importance of behaving safely. The BU Beaulieu Engineered Products unit is committed to achieving similar strong safety performance in its Yarns and Technical Textiles divisions and has launched a customized behavior-based safety program at three specific production sites in Belgium and France. This B.I.G. Behave Safely Program aims to minimize the number and severity of accidents and incidents.

“Beaulieu International Group is very serious about safety and has a Global Safety Policy that strives to offer a safe working environment to all employees,” said Karena Cancilleri, vice president of BU Engineered Products. “Improving safety behavior is a continuous priority and the Engineered Products Business Unit has taken this to heart. We are excited to make a proactive contribution with B.I.G. Behave Safely and look forward to the positive impact of having our production teams for Beaulieu Yarns and Beaulieu Technical Textiles on board, to keep up the momentum of our Fibres division.”

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