Rochelle Routman, chief sustainability officer for Metroflor, will lead the panel, “The Voice of New China Manufacturing,” during the Sustainatopia conference May 8–10 in San Francisco. She will be joined by two Chinese colleagues, Jin Song, general manager of Elegant Plastics, where Metroflor/Halstead manufactures many of their LVT products, and Simon Xi, Metroflor/Halstead’s Shanghai office general manager and liaison to Elegant Plastics, for a discussion about sustainability in Asia, with a focus on product and social transparency. The panel will discuss how the new generation of manufacturers in Asia is embracing sustainability, transparency, and environmental and social responsibility, and opening their doors to customers.

“Thousands of American companies manufacture products in China, and many do their best to hide that fact,” said Routman. “But our company is taking a very different, much more transparent approach. Metroflor/Halstead Group’s deep and decades-long partnership with Asian manufacturing partners has created a model of how social responsibility within a model of transparency can be possible for any company doing business in China. We are proud to come together to have this important discussion.”

The panel will be presented on Wednesday, May 10 from 10:40–11:40 a.m.

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