Gerflor USA, Sport Court, and Connor Sports came together recently at its first combined sales meeting since joining forces under the Gerflor umbrella in 2014. The meeting was held with the goal of energizing and empowering the companies’ sales force to share best practices, according to the company.

“With our recent transition to operating together, face-to-face engagement is invaluable,” said Benjamin Bachman, Gerflor USA's chief sales and marketing officer. “This meeting gave us an opportunity to strengthen our connections, learn from one another, and enhance our collaboration, coordination and communication. And those are wins that not only benefit our organization, but also our customers.”

Though each brand serves different markets, Gerflor is streamlining processes across the brands in multiple areas, including finance, operations, human resources, information technology and marketing. The meeting was only the beginning of Gerflor’s approach of bringing all brands together. Gerflor USA is in the process of identifying career opportunities to further support its market growth.

Bachman added, “Our goal is to create a strong core and empower our employees through a culture of sharing best practices. Working together more strategically, our three brands offer every customer a wider range of products to fit all needs.”

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