Inspired by the centuries-old technique of Japanese lacquerware, Lunada Bay Tile introduces the Lacquer collection. The ceramic tiles are created with a multi-step process that begins with applying random striations of color to the tiles, which are then fired at high temperatures. A clear coat is added, and the tiles are fired again to create a reflective finish.

The Lacquer line includes two shapes: 1”x6’ rectangle and 1.75”x4 elongated hexagon, both sold attached to a mesh backing. The mosaics are available in five striated colorways: Aura, Moonwalk, Nautical Dawn, Twilight, and Galaxy. Aura features subtle grays, while Moonwalk offers darker grays. Nautical Dawn combines blue, green, and lilac tones, and Twilight, which mixes purple, blue, and yellow. And Galaxy holds a blend of all four colors.

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