Lunada Bay Tile is expanding its Japanese-inspired collection of ceramic tiles with the introduction of Shinju Mirai, a line that brings together unconnected elements in art and architecture to create refined, transformative designs. Designers drew on architecture, sculpture, Japanese paper-making, and meditative design to develop the collection, creating serene and sophisticated textures that transform light, influence scale, and create resonance.

Shinju Mirai comes in four patterns that can be used alone or in combination: Paper, a dynamic texture reminiscent of energizing waves or crinkled paper; Serene, featuring the subtle ripple of tranquil waters; Tent, offering minimalist beauty and architectural appeal; and Zen Garden, exuding the calm essence of meditative gardens.

Shinju Mirai tiles measure 3 1/2x9 1/2 in. and are available in five colors: Kumamoto, Moonstone, Kushi, Pacific, and Olympia. The tiles can be used indoors and outdoors, for walls and low-traffic residential floors, showers, and steam showers.

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