Artaic-Innovative Mosaic has moved its headquarters to The Boston Design Center (BDC).

“We’re extremely thrilled about our new location,” said Ted Acworth, Ph.D., CEO and founder of Artaic. “First of all, we needed more space, as Artaic has been expanding at a rapid pace. And secondly, if there were one Boston-based address we’d prefer inhabiting, clearly it would be here at The BDC. From Day One at our new digs, we knew this was the right milieu for us; our people immediately could sense the strong, professional energy exuded by the vibrant A & D people who both work and visit this ‘epicenter of design in New England.”

Artaic’s new facility includes the following departments: office, production, research and development, design, and sales. The firm’s new showroom displays the firm’s computer-driven and robotically-assembled mosaic creations from ceiling to floor in continuous, flowing designs.

“Our new workplace reflects who we are today… and, where we’re going in the future,” said Acworth. “For example, our new showroom is a place where architects, designers and other key customers can not only meet and network… they can see Artaic’s robots in action firsthand, flawlessly putting mosaic creations together… hundreds of times faster than any human, anywhere, could possibly achieve. This new 6,200 square foot facility more than doubles the space Artaic previously occupied. We like to think of it as a combination designer showroom, gallery, R&D lab and manufacturing facility.”

Kristan McLaughlin, general manager, leasing and partnerships of Jamestown LP, management firm of The Boston Design Center, added, “Artaic is a progressive company with a future-focused approach to mosaic tile that seamlessly balances technology and design in the unique service they provide. Their collaborative and innovative approach will be a perfect fit within our design community at the Boston Design Center where visitors come to find the best in home design.”

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