As architects and designers seek better tools to improve workflows and design with better accuracy, Armstrong Flooring has added a new tool to help designers visualize and choose the best flooring for their projects, BIMsmith. BIMsmith is a free, cloud-based platform that allows professionals to combine manufacturer products into complete assemblies for Building Information Modeling (BIM), and share assemblies with those within their organization based on team or project type. As the design and construction industry has turned to technology, Armstrong Flooring wants to ensure that professionals are given all the tools and resources available to help them to build.

“Professionals are looking for ways to better understand and communicate their designs,” said Benjamin Glunz, BIMsmith CEO. “Designers are searching for quality manufacturer content directly from manufacturers, like Armstrong Flooring, and they are trying to find better ways to incorporate specifications in early designs. We are so glad that industry leading companies, like Armstrong Flooring, are stepping up to make better resources available for the building industry.”

Deb Lechner, commercial market director for Armstrong, added, “Adding the Armstrong Flooring portfolio of products to BIMsmith puts us in a great position to be noticed early by specifiers and get inserted into projects at the design phase. We are very excited to be featured on a platform that increases our exposure within the AEC community.”

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