J+J Flooring recently announced the release of Volume 2 of Shift magazine, a publication designed to spark new ideas in commercial flooring applications using the J+J product portfolio. Available for download on J+J’s website, the second volume of Shift explores exaggerated color and creativity, bold decisions and beautiful statements by examining three conceptual approaches—Pop, Play, and Proportion—using a progressive combination of pattern, color, and texture. Embracing the idea that exaggeration in the right moment and space perhaps isn’t exaggeration at all, this volume of “Shift” takes on hyperbole: an inspiration of perfect overstatements, extravagance of pattern and texture, tone and color, movement and emotion.

“Pop” explores the small moments of unanticipated delight and happy surprises that remind us of what it feels to be inspired. It reminds us not to expect the unexpected when designing a space, but rather, to live in search of it. “Play” captures the essence of shifting perspectives depending on how it’s used. Against yellow, blue is blue, however, against blue, blue may be green or yellow or red. It begs the question, when does a shade of color become a different color altogether? “Proportion” entices to seek out a clearer glimpse of our world by playing with perceptions. It embraces fresh perspectives on size and scale while bringing forth the significance of the smallest of details.

With its focus on design and inspiration, the publication features artistically intriguing images that capture imagination and possibility. Gracefully integrating J+J product and installation configuration options alongside thought-provoking quotes from icons of the art and design world, Shift is both a practical resource and an inspirational guide.

“We’re excited to bring our newest volume of Shift to the design community,” said Ginger Gilbert, J+J Flooring director of product design. “With its bold interpretations and intriguing approach to exaggeration through pattern, color and texture, our goal is to spark innovation by shifting perceptions and turning ordinary into extraordinary.”

For more information, call (800) 241-4586 or visit www.jjflooringgroup.com.