J+J Flooring Group marked continued progress towards its environmental performance goals according to the company’s fifth annual corporate sustainability report, “Building Momentum.” The report covers the company’s environmental and social responsibility investments and progress during the 2016 fiscal year. Highlights from the report include a 23% reduction in the company’s energy consumption since 2010, exceeding J+J’s 20% reduction goal four years ahead of the 2020 deadline.

The milestones are part of J+J’s 20/20 Vision, an operational guidepost for managing J+J’s environmental performance through the year 2020, using the company’s 2010 performance as a baseline.

J+J’s 20/20 Vision goals include: eliminating use of landfills (achieved 2015); reducing water usage by 66%; reducing energy intensity by 20% (achieved 2016); increasing the use of renewable energy to at least 10% of total consumption; reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by 20%; and increasing recycled, bio-based or renewable content in our products to 33%

J+J Flooring has also off-set more than 50% of direct energy consumption with Green E REC energy credits through the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Green Power Partnership, qualifying J+J as an EPA Energy Leadership Partner; reduced water consumption by 34% water consumption reduction since 2010, including a 10.9% reduction in 2016; and reduced GHG emissions by 18% since 2010, including a 3.4% reduction in 2016.

The report also highlights an expanding product mix and record number of new product introductions for J+J, along with the company’s focus on social responsibility, including an inclusive workplace culture, career development, employee health and wellbeing, and charitable giving. J+J employees gave their time and support to more than 20 local, regional and national charitable organizations in 2016.

“When J+J merged with Engineered Floors in early 2016, we did so knowing our shared values and aligned strengths would create new opportunities for growth, innovation and service to our associates, customers and communities,” said David Jolly, president of J+J Flooring Group. “As a result, the past year has been one of growth and change for our company, and as our progress in 2016 shows, we now stand at the cusp of what is proving to be the most exciting era in our history. The significant strides we have made towards expanding our product mix, achieving our 20/20 Vision goals, and growing our focus on social responsibility is the result of a true team effort throughout our company.”

Russ DeLozier, director of environmental innovation at J+J Flooring Group, added, “By definition, sustainability is driven by a focus on the future and careful consideration about how our activities and decisions will affect people and our planet generations from now. As our company opens the door to a dynamic new future, we are more aware than ever about how the impact of our decisions on next generations. As we celebrate continued progress towards our 20/20 Vision, we are also beginning to think about what our company – and our world – will look like in 2040, 2060 and beyond, knowing our collective dedication to sustainability today stands to make a positive difference tomorrow.”

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