No longer a soloist: saving time and money, while looking great, Altro Cantata joins Altro XpressLay to form a duet of adhesive-free flooring ranges. In contrast to Altro XpressLay, a slip-resistant flore, Altro’s latest addition provides a smooth and attractive, yet still durable, solution for any time-sensitive installation.

Altro Cantata’s 16 soft-look shades in subtle natural tones to vivid colors help create stunning surroundings, and the no adhesive required makes for both minimal installation time and disruption, which is especially helpful for areas that cannot be shut down for long, like hospitals and schools.

Though it has a smooth finish, Altro Cantata can handle medium to heavy traffic, and the easy cleaning and maintenance regime ensures that its striking shades look as great throughout the performance as they did when it was first laid. Cantata can also be installed at up to 92% internal relative humidity, and without a damp-proof membrane.

Altro Cantata can also help achieve sustainability goals with 12% rapidly-renewable bio-based content and 5% post-consumer recycled content, along with being phthalate-free. The adhesive-free nature means there are no odors or VOCs from adhesives and 100% recyclability allows the flooring to be recycled at the end of its life.

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