Norwalk, Conn. -- Metroflor announced that it has published translations of all the Declare labels for its Aspecta LVT commercial range in five languages: Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Dutch.

“Our purpose was twofold: to help the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) continue to spread its word about Declare throughout the world, and to empower our customers in European countries to immediately identify in their own language the ingredients of the flooring that they purchase from us,” said Rochelle Routman, Metroflor chief sustainability officer.

Analogous to nutrition labels for building products, the first-ever Declare label for a rigid-core LVT product was issued for Metroflor’s Aspecta Ten, a multi-layer flooring product that features the company’s proprietary ISOCORE Technology.

“Translating these labels into multiple languages is another in a series of ‘firsts’ for our company on the sustainability front,” said Russ Rogg, Aspecta by Metroflor president and CEO. “It will definitely will give us a selling advantage throughout the world and especially in Europe, where awareness and acceptance of the Declare platform is evolving rapidly.”

Because the ILFI did not have a system in place to accommodate Declare label translations, it took on the challenge and developed a formal protocol for label translations moving forward to ensure that the rigor of the Declare program is maintained in every language. All 18 multi-lingual Aspecta Declare Labels are now live on the International Living Future.

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