Mohawk's RevWood Plus launches in flooring stores across the country this spring. This revolutionary step in flooring combines the look of wood with the toughness of laminate.

"RevWood Plus is for people who desire the beauty of wood floors without compromising performance," said Seth Arnold, vice president, residential marketing. "RevWood Plus is destined to make consumers rethink the wood category. Its visuals as well as its waterproof and scratch-resistant story resonate at retail-it's going to be a game-changer for dealers."

RevWood Plus combines vintage allure and incredible hardwood realism with impressive, reliable durability that resists stains, scratches, dents and liquids. Spills, accidents and tracked-in muddy messes are kept on the surface for quick, easy cleanup. RevWood Plus features a combination of proprietary technologies to give 100% waterproof protection. The Uniclic locking system, GenuEdge pressed beveled edge, and water-repellent HydroSeal coating work together to trap liquid on the surface. RevWood Plus also features All Pet Protection and Warranty covering all pets, all accidents, all the time plus scratch protection.

Each of the three collections--Elderwood, Antique Craft, and Sawmill Ridge--features the latest embossed in register technology and beveled edges for ultra-realistic detail.

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