Inspired by classic marbles, Fifth Avenue brings these gorgeous stones to life in rectified colored-body porcelain with enhanced visuals and strikingly realistic color for a dramatically true-to-life interpretation.

This collection is available in both matte and polished finishes and includes four styles: Madison, a classic white marble veined with grays and blacks; Park, a warm taupe stone veined with white; Lexington, a cool, dark gray veined with white; and Broadway, a dramatic black with veins of white.

Fifth Avenue is equally appropriate for use in both residential or commercial applications, and is approved for both interior and exterior use.

All four colors come in 12x24 in. and 24x24 in. (matte and polished), as well as a 12x12 in. matte bricklay mosaic. Trim pieces include a 3x12 in. matte bullnose, a 6x12 in. matte cove base, and 1x6 in. matte cove base exterior and interior corner pieces.

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