Skip the swanky resort. With Arterra premium porcelain pavers from M S International (MSI), your ultimate summer getaway is as close as the backyard. Staycation? Yes, please. The Arterra collection features high definition inkjet designs replicating authentic stone, wood and concrete looks, paired with the worry-free convenience and durability of porcelain.

This modern paver line is offered in over two dozen versatile colors, with lovely natural neutrals like cream and beige, as well as gorgeous grays and rich browns. In a variety of attractive looks and formats, from 12x24, 12x48 and 24x24-in pavers to patterns and coordinating pool copings, Arterra is the stylish choice for decks, walkways, driveways, and hospitality areas. With Livingstyle Beige, Livingstyle Cream and the newest color, Livingstyle Pearl, available as indoor tile and as an outdoor Arterra paver, it's easy to achieve a seamless transition between the two environments.

Unapologetically elegant, Arterra porcelain pavers are also impressively durable, frost- and stain-resistant, and they don't require sealing. What's more, because outdoor areas are notorious no-shoe zones, Arterra offers high slip-resistance and, even in hot climates, this innovative paver stays bare-foot comfortable. Allowing for supreme design flexibility, Arterra pavers can be set on grass, sand set or installed with mortar over a concrete bed.

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