The number one goal at Schluter-Systems is to make the lives of tile installers easier by providing practical solutions to tile installation challenges. To that end, Schluter-Systems offers a host of workshops and seminars geared toward professionals in the tile industry.

These workshops are not just about Schluter products, but rather, the best practices used throughout the tile industry. The workshops are informative, engaging, and involve a combination of practical, theoretical, and hands-on training. Schluter-Systems offers these free workshops in locations across North America.

The Innovation Workshops are presented in two information-packed sessions. The Innovation Workshop Part 1 teaches the fundamentals of waterproofing and uncoupling—the two main principles so many tile installations are built upon. In the demo area attendees install materials in a manner that recreates a real job site. Collaborating with peers, attendees install assemblies such as the Schluter Shower System, DITRA membrane, and a waterproof KERDI-BOARD wall installation.

The Innovation Workshop Part 2 advanced workshop takes the theory and product knowledge learned in Part 1 and puts it into even more practice. Attendees spend most of the workshop time in the hands-on area, collaborating with peers and developing techniques that can be quickly put into practice on the job. The goal of this workshop is to take knowledge up to the next level by using a variety of Schluter products in some common, yet challenging installations and see how individual products become a system to create bathrooms, built to last a lifetime.

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