Tarkett recently introduced Double Boucle soft surface flooring from its Tandus Centiva brand. Double Boucle offers a fresh take on the traditional boucle weave, creating a flooring textile that evokes the warmth of a comfortable blanket to bring softness to commercial spaces.

Double Boucle’s palette features an array of timeless neutrals that come to life with playful pops of color. These blends of color and neutrals allow the boucle technique to shine, highlighting its large open loops and structure. Different yarn sizes and varying tensions and twists combine for a unique texture and pattern that create the look of a handmade textile. The vivid colors throughout infuse the line with great energy, and the overall result is a resimercial design that’s perfect for branded spaces, corporate design, as well as education and healthcare settings.

Double Boucle is available on Tandus Centiva’s Powerbond hybrid-resilient backing or ethos modular with Omnicoat technology. The ethos modular with Omnicoat technology is created using recycled PVB film from automobile windshields and other safety glass, and is Cradle to Cradle Silver certified. When installed using TarkettTAPE, ethos modular with Omnicoat technology eliminates the need for pH, RH, and MVER testing, provided no free liquids are present and no moisture-stained concrete is evident. Additionally, both Powerbond and ethos modular are 100% recyclable through Tarkett’s ReStart program.

The Dynex SD solution-dyed Double Boucle is offered in nine colorways. Modular tiles and squares are available in sizes 18x18 in., 24x24 in., 9x36 in., 18x36 in., and 36x36 in. and coordinate beautifully across the Tarkett Solution SPECtrum of products and brands.

For more information, visit tarkettna.com.