Every successful business is hyper-aware of their brand image, and it shows in every detail, from their ceiling fixtures to their flooring choices and everything in between. Many businesses have learned the hard way that you can’t skimp on quality, especially if you want your floor to maintain its original beauty and be impervious to the abuses of high-traffic wear and tear.

That’s a tall order for other flooring products, but not for acrylic-infused hardwood flooring that is making headlines in high-traffic businesses such as hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, corporate offices, and senior living facilities.

Hardwood floors infused with acrylic resin are pre-engineered to be 300% more durable than regular hardwood floors. They resist scratches, chips, dents, and other abuses, preventing the surface and structural damage that can happen to regular hardwood floors. Even with a higher initial cost, the longer life-cycle value and low maintenance over 10 to20 years makes it a smart investment for commercial high-traffic areas.

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