Diversey, provider of sustainable solutions for cleaning and hygiene, has partnered with Bona, a leader in hardwood floor care, to introduce a new wood floor care program for K-12 educational facilities. The program features smart systems and a range of Bona products to simplify floor care and protect valuable flooring assets. The program also features a two-year guarantee.

The wood care program consists of 31 time-saving and appearance-enhancing solutions, as well as GREENGUARD-certified products, including: Bona SuperCourt cleaner line; Bona FlexiSand DSC buffer and back vac with miltidisc and diamond discs.

Bona SuperCourt Optum waterborne finish is a specialty athletic wood floor finish featuring high durability and ease of application. Bona SuperCourt hardwood floor cleaner is a athletic wood floor cleaner that leaves floors clean and residue free and can be used daily. Bona SuperCourt hardwood winter floor cleaner neutralizes salts and protects floors from winter contaminants. The Bona SuperCourt Athletic floor care mop and microfiber pads increases efficiency and eliminates dirt, dust and debris with premium microfiber wet cleaning and dry dusting pads. Bona SuperCourt scrubbing pads are an exclusive microfiber pad to enhance daily cleaning via the TASKI swingo autoscrubber.

Bona FlexiSand DCS buffer and back vac with Bona multiDisc and diamond discs is a virtually dust free buffing machine engineered for performance saving users +30-50% in prep time. The Bona MulltiDisc is a time-saving tool for rapid wood floor finish abrasion, sized to fit the common 20-in. buffer.

“This full system approach is designed to provide facility managers in schools with a turnkey floor care solution that delivers quality results, safe floors and cleaning efficiency,” said Tiffany Baird, brand manager, Bona US. “The products and systems are specially formulated for athletic wood floors that see lots of daily activity.”

For more information, visit www.diversey.com or www.bona.com.