New York, N.Y. -- NuFlors will highlight its new SetaGrip flooring at the upcoming Buildings NY show held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. Buildings NY brings together over 6,000 industry professionals and 400 suppliers to highlight and discuss the latest innovations for the building industry. The two day event offers a large exhibit area where vendors can showcase the newest products along with educational sessions for attendees to keep up-to-date on the latest industry trends.

NuFlors launched the new patent pending technology in January, and has added SetaGrip technology into its flooring manufacturing process to create a cost effective and efficient flooring option. The patent-pending vacuum suction layer uses nano-sized pores to generate a strong adhesion that solves the installation and maintenance problems brought on by other LVT products and installation methods.

Scientists have studied the feet of geckos and have found that they contain physical properties that promote stickiness. Using biomimicry, we studied the gecko and began looking into nano-suction technology. This technology uses millions of nano-sized pores, vacuum and negative fluid pressure to securely adhere any object to a flat, non-porous surface. With SetaGrip technology, the flooring is pressed against a surface, activating the nano-sized pores. Essentially, these act like millions of micro-suction cups which when in contact with the surface generates a strong adhesion.

NuFlors will participate as an exhibitor at Buildings NY, showcasing SetaGrip Technology in Booth 720.

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